is now 7 years old!

Time just flies by… I created/bought the domain,, seven years ago. Over the years it has become my sanctuary where I learn and grow in web development/web design/graphic design. Recently, I have felt that is important to share this which is why I have pumping out the tutorials (and also take the opportunity to abuse the motivation while it lasts haha).

For the TL;DR people, here’s a quick summary of the big updates recently:

  • is 7 years old, woop!
  • New logo and wordpress theme
  • Loads of new tutorials, feel free to request one
  • PSDs now organised into individual posts
  • New category, Headers (Website banners, Facebook covers and Twitter Headers)
  • I made a new website for my icons called Dream Fortress
  • 1 new affiliate, the awesome Dorkistic
  • Overwatch Renders is the new most popular page on the site (229 pageviews since 1 May), gradually added more renders to this page.
  • I got engaged!
  • Going to Netherlands on Thursday, Peace!

I wanted to make Vizune’s birthday special this year. I felt it was time to work on the branding of Vizune and have a logo because I also plan on using Vizune for freelancing and make a resume/CV with Vizune branding. It took some soul searching and drafting ideas (started around October last year…) which made me reminisce of when I was trying to think of a unique site name. I’m still new at Adobe Illustrator and I’m hopeless at drawing shapes but I found Five Designs on Twitter. Fantastic service, I logo was created chatted and discussed over Twitter DMs where I drew drawings in my notepad and took a photo on my phone and they took a photo of their computer screen.

The logo may look a bit odd or unusual. The concept behind Vizune is transforming a vision (image in the mind) into a reality. Yes, that classic cheesy slogan but that is Vizune, it’s where I can explore my creative realm so I wanted to incorporate vision into my logo which is the symbolism of an eye in the middle. You can also spell out “Vizune” using the logo too. I took a liking to the green they used in their tweet and used it in my new WordPress theme.
The 1 May Reboot event gave me the kick of motivation I needed to make a new WordPress theme for the site. I’m a neat freak when it comes to my website so I love the grid masonry layout and I added a took out Google Material Design to the cards. I wanted to try out something different and unconventional with the navigation. The navigation by itself actually took me a week to code haha because there’s more user cases and alter depending on the resolution. It also turns into a fullscreen navigation on mobile. I do miss having a footer but it did feel like I was treating as an area where I just throw a load of miscellaneous stuff at the bottom of the page and I wanted it neat.

During May/June I have been doing spring cleaning on the website. PSDs are now individual WordPress posts rather than one page containing all the PSDs. I’m doing this to turn the homepage more into a news feed that visitors can see when exactly something new has been uploaded. I did the same for the Facebook Covers which is now called Headers because I would like to branch out to Twitter Headers and also include the website banners I make for my web templates. I am considering doing the same for Renders too but this is going to take a while…

I have finally made a little home for my icons which I have been deliberating on for so long. I won’t go on too much about this because I have already in the blog post over there. My website is called Dream Fortress.


I’ll be flying to Netherlands on Thursday night for a festival called Defqon 1 (see video below). It’s going to be pretty hardcore music and I’m never been to a festival or been camping so I’m nervous and excited at the same time, but more nervous. It’s been a while since I wrote a blog post and I have been meaning to write one about the big changes to the site and it felt like the right time especially as I’ll be leaving my precious Vizune for a week! Haha.

It’s actually been months since I wrote a blog post actually mentioning myself. Life has been pretty good. My financial situation is gradually improving since graduating in 2014, slowly paying off the loans by month, got a big raise at the end of last year which has helped tons and now I’m getting an annual train ticket sorted out with work which is going to save me over a £1000 every year (I commute into London). I also got engaged end of March. We’re getting rings for each other (haven’t yet bought them because financial reasons) because it’s 2016 goddammit! 😛

Right! I will see you all in a week’s time most likely because I can’t stay away for long 😛 Take care <3


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  1. CONGRATULATIONS AND HAPPY 7TH ANNIVERSARY! oh come on, you feel old? what about me then? hahahahahah~ i feel that way when dorkistic turned 10 last May lolol Dream Fortress! I really love the name and how neat it is ^^ congratulations on your engagement too! May Vizune will still be here in years coming and becomes inspirations to many other designers and site owners out there =)

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