Freelancing and Hyper Japan

Hi everyone! It has been quiet on Vizune for a while because I was working on freelance projects on top of working full time so I would be working on my laptop commuting to and from work and working some more once I got home.

I really wouldn’t recommend it, you don’t really have to actually have a life because you’re always working but it was very rewarding. I finished my projects in November and later in the month I went on holiday for the weekend in Prague so it was worth it.

I worked on helping a company migrate to WordPress, the WordPress theme was designed in Adobe Photoshop and developed in Microsoft Web Matrix. I highly recommend Microsoft Web Matrix (it’s free!) for people who want to make a new theme but don’t want to have put their site in Maintenance mode or temporarily close the site down. It will help set up a local environment and then you just copy/upload your theme folder and activate it on your actual site when you’re ready. Here is the theme I built and I learnt so much more on PHP and WordPress themes.

My second project was two web-page layouts. A designer at work approached me about this opportunity, I thought it was awesome that the client was Oxford University & wild life charities so I . He designed the pages, sent me the PSDs then I built the pages and uploaded all the files via FTP. The first web-page is the landing page and the second web-page is the About page with a parallax background image and buttons that scroll to sections of the page with JavaScript. The most challenging thing about this project was making responsive CSS sprites for the logos in the footer and having to upload the files at 10/11pm because the client was based in US.

The last weekend of November I was to an event called Hyper Japan in London and it was awesome! My favourite was the Sake Cocktail Awards where you could sample these cocktails by professionals and then you vote for your favourite. They were so creative, was thick like honey with pear chunks, one was like fizzy peach and another one was so creamy and had raspberry purée around the rim of the glass. My boyfriend and I ended up buying a few bottles of sake that day… I didn’t realise there were so many different flavours. I also got to try Green Tea chocolate and green tea ice cream! (see image below). I also uploaded some videos of performances on Youtube. It was an awesome day and will probably go again next year.


So now I am back on track with updating Vizune! My goal is to finish revamping all my designs into web templates by the end of this year (5 more to go!); it seems that they are being used a lot more which is great to see. I want to eventually revamp all screenshots to a larger 1920 x 1080 now that I have a larger monitor but this is going to take a long time… I have decided that I’m going to change Vizune’s theme bi-yearly, one for the New Year and one for Vizune’s anniversary so expect to see a new look for January 😉 Remember to Like my Facebook page for instant content updates, I like to upload my content as soon as it’s finished.

In case you missed it…


4 thoughts on “Freelancing and Hyper Japan

  1. Hello, Sasha! Wow, you accomplished so many things! I really like the Think for Tigers About page.

    I think it’s also great that you gave yourself a break by going to an event. It’s good to hear that you enjoyed it! How I wish I could go to events like that. 🙂

    I’m looking forward to Vizune’s new theme, too! 😀

    P.S. I just realized that you look like one of my cousins! :O

  2. Hi Sasha! I figured you were pretty busy since we hadn’t talked in a while 😉 Glad to hear everything is going well for you and you’re getting so much business! I’m really excited to check out WebMatrix, it could potentially have so many different uses. I need to push some generic professional stuff out so I can show people I don’t just do the crazy anime/video game things. I’ve had like one customer in the last three months. ._. Though I work retail, so I was bound to be stupid busy anyway. If you’re still interested in collaborating on something, let me know on Skype since my phone is signed in permanently. My time is starting to free up now before Christmas and then in January even more so.

    Wishing you all the best!


    1. Hiya! Yeah sorry for being silent for a while… I’m going to make up for it though! 😀 It doesn’t have to be generic if you don’t want to, it will help you stand out from the crowd too but I understand not wanting anime/video game stuff in your portfolio 🙂 Don’t feel bad, the last freelance project I did was December 2014 and, before that, August 2013 haha! But if I was freelancing full time, I would definitely get out there especially as friends & family on Facebook have been bugging me for a website but I know they couldn’t afford me ha 😛 Yeah I still want to collaborate, I will send you a message on Skype soon. Take care!

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