is 6 years old, wow!

I bought and registered my domain name,, on 15th June 2009. Vizune is now 6 years old (I feel so old now!). More good news, a new theme for the site! 😀

I remember making my first website in 2004 after being curious discovering those four letters “HTML” and googling it. I always loved anime, I found this community and wanted to join in. I’ve learnt so much and made friends and I don’t think I ever want to close Vizune.

I’ve been working on this theme for about a month. I started with experimenting with CSS animations, decided to incorporate them into a WordPress theme and I think I’m finally happy with my site. I have the habit of changing the layout every couple of months but I’m really happy with this one and will probably stick with it for a while. I gotten the habit of addding subliminal “V” shapes in my designs so I guess it’s kinda like my “brand” now 😛

I tried to keep downtime minimal as much as possible so I turned the maintenance mode on to do some work and then switched back so that people can still access the content. Other improvements to the site include an improved Lightbox for the gallery pages (e.g. renders and screenshots). The “Links” pages has now been split into two pages called “Link exchanges” and “Credits & resources” to make it more clearer on the content.

I have been contemplating removing the tutorial and review section because it can be time consuming but I’ve already put a lot of work into those sections and I do get tutorial requests.

Future updates will now be adding more content. I would greatly appreciate any feedback, I probably need to alter some finishing touches here and there especially the header so I’ll be working on that the next couple of days. Well, this is just a quick blog post. Stay tuned for more content 😀


9 thoughts on “ is 6 years old, wow!

  1. Such a stunning design. It’s amazing how you manage to combine professional and personal each time. Your content is always so perfectly organized while your headers continue to invite the user and invoke intrigue. Keep up the awesome work, and happy birthday to Vizune!!

  2. Love the new look, especially the header; the colors are gorgeous, and perfect for summer. 🙂

    P.S.= Could you please tell me which font did you use for your blog entries? Is it a Google font?

    1. Thanks! This site is like my baby/mini project, I don’t think I could leave it if I wanted to xD Yeah… it’s hard to talk about it without sounding salty because I’ve seen it happen A LOT through the years. You make friends with people and they just… vanish. I understand most people just phase out of the web design interest but not bothering to tell anyone and leaving the site to rot, because they most likely forgot their website still existed, sucks. I’m cool with it if they say “Hey, closing my site, just not feeling it any more/grown out of it. But you can find me on [insert social network site here], here’s the link”. Oh and I almost forgot the obligatory, “/rant” haha 😛

      1. Hahah, I know the feeling XD Hence I stepped away from it all. I don’t do “affiliates” or “link exchanges” any more. My blog is my own personal project, and I don’t want to have to keep an eye on dead links x3

  3. i guess it’s not too late to wish happy 6 years! i also just celebrated the 9th year of my website.. and i remembered visiting your site often back in the early days because i love your anime artwork XD nah, don’t feel old…may your site will still be there in the future and keep on inspiring people with your amazing design ^^

  4. Congrats on your 6th year I would have been heading on to 10 years but for me being a designer but nah i am just too busy these days. Great to see the set looking awesome and keep up the great designs my dear.

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