Partnership with NeoTokio3

Vizune is very excited to announce a partnership with NeoTokio3.


Late February I was contacted by Zero from NeoTokio3 regarding a partnership where we collaborate together on creative projects whilst supporting and promoting each other further. Zero actually found Vizune when searching for renders, how crazy is that?! Vizune already has link exchanges and affiliates with other closely related websites that also create website designs and/or graphics and resources. This partnership idea sounded awesome, I’ve always wanted to branch out more and work with other people so Vizune now has their first partner 🙂 NeoTokio3 and Vizune both love anime & manga and incorporate that into our work; we specialise in different creative mediums but also have similarities in the sense that we also create graphics for our work. We are already discussing future collaboration projects ^^

So who is NeoTokio3?

They are a band project from Germany consisting of three people: Song writer/Lead MC/Singer Akiyo (TypeZero), Manager/Operator: Nina Evangeline (EVA01) and Beat Producer/Engineer Michael (Mk2)

But, obviously, the best people for this job are NeoTokio3 themselves:

“Heya Everybody, NeoTokio3 here. We produce music about manga and anime (no covers, original tracks only). We jam With Light Yagami, rock with Yoko Ritona, play the keys with Shinji Ikari, make the speakers explode with Haruko Haruhara and her Rickenbacker bass guitar model 4001 with a rare azureglo finish.

Imagine us as the Super Music-Diclonius with 35 vectors each and a single vector plays up 3 instruments at the same time… We are free and we love to constantly remind you of that like Frey in Fisheye Placebo. We also love sweets, much like Killua but more than anything we love anime and anime loves us so we treat anime like Kintaro Oe treats toilets. NeoTokio3 is SUGOI like twenty-four Eureka7, around the clock!”

Be sure to check out their channel!

My personal favourites of NeoTokio3’s music




Here is an AWESOME banner made by NeoTokio3 to celebrate the partnership 😀

Celebration banner by NeoTokio3

Stay tuned for future updates with NeoTokio3 😀


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