Want to see designs/resources of favourite anime/video games on Vizune? I’m now taking requests!


  1. Requests are not customised designs, they will be available as downloadable content for the public to use. This is a feature to request for “I want to see more Attack on Titan facebook covers” for example.
  2. For now, I’m going to have 3 slots available for requests. If all slots are already taken and you send a request anyway, I’m sorry but it will be ignored.
  3. A slot is made available again when I have finished the request and uploaded it to the site.
  4. Be patient and no demanding, the world doesn’t revolve around you.
  5. If you have already made a request and occupied a slot, you can’t make another request for two weeks (subject to change depending on how busy the requests are) after I have finished your original request. Give other people a chance.
  6. I don’t mind ecchi anime but I would like to keep Vizune PG-13 so keep it tasteful. No lolicon.


  1. Kuu @ Light
  2. Nijiko @ Akairou
  3. Miria @ Otaku Junk
  4. Free slot

Request form

Completed requests