Web Design Inspiration #1

Vizune is starting a new blog series called Web Design Inspiration which showcases beautiful, innovative and inspiring website designs in the GFX/web design community, blogs and other related websites.

Every once in a while, I stumble upon a blog post claiming the “community is dead”, the web designers they used to look up to are now adults with more responsibility and hence leaving the community or they simply lost interest. My favourite websites were Aethereality, Komet Tail Designs, Xiao Star, X-Tenshi, Anime Kidd, Owaranai Kiss and loads more.

I disagree that it is dying and always argue the community is just evolving. There was no such thing as social media when I started making websites. Just go on Twitter, DeviantArt, Tumblr, LiveJournal and there are tons. We now have the resources to showcase our designs and there isn’t a requirement to make own website. However, there are still people out there passionate about website design, want to make their mark on the internet and create their own world. This is what inspired me to create this blog series, to spread the word, showcase inspiring websites and hopefully it inspires others and proves this community isn’t dead.


The Seduction

The Seduction provides graphics and resources including website designs, patterns and textures. This website design is creating a world/experience that you are visiting. The background image of a grass field instantly gives the website a serene and breezy feel. There is a nice, subtle touch of animation of wisps floating around the header that adds to this feel. I really like the combination of the calming teal and the vibrant, pastel yellow and they really compliment each other.



Vannessa @ the-seduction.net


I actually felt a sense of nostalgia when visiting this site, I was amazed that these kind of websites existed and wish I had found this community when I wrote my own story. I used to love writing stories growing up and my first ever website when I was 13/14 was about a story I wrote. I would even draw the map of the world like in fantasy books, I created character profiles and used images of anime characters from MiniTokyo to show what the characters looked like.

Regenade.exe – we are watching you“, reading that gave me chills and intrigued me further. The site name/slogan, website design and header has a cyberpunk vibe which I’m a very big fan of. This website design is another example of great background images. This one has a background image of city scenery and has been darkened/blurred which is a good technique to ensure the background doesn’t distract the visitor from the content. I love that the layout has borders and beams around every module as if it’s a building structure which compliments the city scenery and shows a clear concept.



Cillia @ Regenade.exe


Now, where do I even start? Mengjian tells a story (I wish I knew German to read it ;_;) and this website design is absolutely stunning. I have always admired this style of website design and wish I could do the same. The header has subtle animations of moving stars and clouds slowly moving across. You can tell that a lot of effort and attention to detail has been put into this (even the shoutbox looks beautiful), the pastel colour scheme is lush.



Yuki @ Mengjian

Brittle Bonez

The first thing I noticed on Brittle Bonez is the striking colour scheme, the variety of slate grey shades with this vibrant, yet slightly pastel looking, orange and a beige used to accent other elements of the page. This colour scheme also matches the woman’s grey eyes/coat and orange lipstick/eye shadow in the header design. If you look closely (you can click on the image to enlarge) there is a very subtle wooden background that almost melts into the grey background colour. The header design is also beautiful, correct me if I’m wrong, a technique called Topaz Clean has been used on this header. I have this technique on my list of things to learn.



Jenn @ Brittle Bonez


The amount of detail put into this website design is astounding and has an otherworldly feel. One thing I will definitely take back from this episode of Web Design Inspiration is to put a lot more effort in my shoutbox/tagboard (see Alunaria’s example below) and to go the next level rather than just updating the colour scheme. I’m repeating myself but this is definitely a web design style/technique that I would love to try out and I have seen many amazing designs on DeviantArt too. I also like the lighting applied to areas of the interface making the overall design more striking. I personally don’t recommend altering the appearance of the cursor as it may confuse the user (e.g. we’re used to seeing the hand cursor when we hover over links) but that’s a tiny thing. I highly recommend checking out this website.

Annika @ Alunaria


I hope you enjoyed this post. I’m planning on writing a web design inspiration post once a month. Let me know what you think of this blog series and contact me if you have any recommendations for the next blog post.



2 thoughts on “Web Design Inspiration #1

  1. Hi Sasha, it’s Adri(anne) from The NINPOJineous LOL. Just wanted to stop by and say hello!

    I think a few of the reasons why there are some people who are no longer passionate with (hobby) websites, besides having a busy real life, is because some are intimidated with the latest web trends and the latest web standards. (Long story on this one.) Like for example, making sites work/look good on mobile/tablet screens (responsive web design, etc.) regardless on how good their overall layout/theme would look like (that’s always the hardest part, especially if you want yours to stand out among the rest too). In some cases, there’s also the copyright issues with certain images being used on sites that aren’t related to the images (ie. celebrity images… a lot are unaware that there are copyrights on them (by the photographers) and some find it hard to create site designs w/o those images. I can’t really say people have gotten lazy (though some admit to being lazy too), but more of like “they don’t have the time to learn other techniques, etc.” It happens.

    Lovely collection you got here. I agree that they are very well-made designs. For the cursors, I guess that if it’s your personal site, it’s okay, but if this were for a small business client or something, there are those UX issues too. ^^

  2. you should have made this earlier! hahaha~Wait, i think i have commented here but i didn’t see it tho~
    I can’t wait to see the next post so that there will be more sites to be inspired from, and to learn more from them too =)
    I hope it is not too late to wish Happy Anniversary! and have a great weekend!

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