Renders cleanup

Hi everyone! Sorry for not being as active on Vizune as I usually am, I have jumped into the adult world! I have been busy with moving into my first own home (just got internet finally installed yesterday) and going to job interviews to summarise it.

This is a quick update to say that you can now browse through the renders by the series using a drop-down menu. For example, you want to see Burst Angel renders in particular. I created a page for every single series (quite time consuming but worth it) rather than just the popular ones like Blade and Soul. I felt that it would be too time consuming to convert all the renders to posts and using a tagging system.

I found a neat little plugin called Include Me which pretty much acts like PHP includes in your posts/pages and can also be used for iframes. This plugin made it a lot more easier to update the dropdown menu for every render page; I create an external PHP page on my server with the content, add the plugin code snippet to the pages and it’s pasted in.

I also fixed the pagination for the icons and renders page. Just moved it above the content rather than underneath and added more CSS to be more noticeable.

Only tiny little additions for now, 2 icons and 2 renders. Recently I’ve been playing the Dawngate (Jungle Marah!), Divinity: Original Sin (Kickstarter edition, woop!) and the ArcheAge Closed Beta is out now and will be sharing my experiences with you soon.