Firstly, I wanted to say sorry for the bare look of my site at the moment. I updated my WordPress theme, forgot that it wipes all the files to the updated ones. Read more


Renders cleanup

Hi everyone! Sorry for not being as active on Vizune as I usually am, I have jumpedĀ into the adult world! I haveĀ been busy with moving into my first own home (just got internet finally installed yesterday) and going to job interviews to summarise it. This is a quick update to say that you can now browse through the renders by the series using a drop-down menu. [...]

Animated icons, PSDs and more!

Hi everyone! I have been giving Vizune extra TLC this month because the website is now 2 years old! The past couple of weeks I have been in the mood to branch out in terms of content I offer on Vizune. [...]

I’m now paying for hosting!

Hi everyone! Really sorry for the inconvenience with Vizune changing again and was closed for a day and a bit. But, it was all for a great cause, I can now finally afford paid hosting and it is amazing. [...]

May Hiatus

Vizune on hiatus?! I know right! It's been a very long time since I've done this but it's a very crucial time in my academic life. I am reaching the final year of university and my exams are nearing so I'm busy studying then have an interview/demo for my final year project near the end of the month. [...]

CSS Sprites

post image

This is a CSS technique using sprites (one large image containing little images) is great for hover effects and image transitions and deals. [...]

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